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Soon all our coffees will be available to order on a subscription basis. How will it work?


1. You will choose the coffee, the size of the packet, the type of grinding - as you normally do

2. you will select the subscription function on the product page instead of purchase

3. you will receive a 10% discount on coffee for the entire subscription period

4. you will receive the first shipment of coffee within 2-3 days of freezing, as usual. Other shipments will reach you every month, always in the second week of the month

5. the subscription will not expire and you can cancel it at any time. Alternatively, we will terminate your subscription when the purchased coffee runs out. Of course, in this case, we will inform you in advance!


The concept of the coffee flavor subscription will remain unchanged - it is a service for those who want to taste a different coffee every time and thus get more in touch with the world of coffee.


You can learn more about the coffee flavor subscription and purchase it here

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