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The most important information about the products and services we provide

Svarbiausia informacija apie mūsų teikiamus produktus ir paslaugas

Shipping and delivery

Read about shipping and delivery conditions here

Coffee freshness

FOr us, it is extremely important that you receive coffee at its peak freshness. Most of the time, we deliver coffee that was roasted just yesterday or the day before. This is because our coffee is roasted in small batches, meaning we don't stock roasted coffee. In this way, you always get to drink coffee that will remain at its best for a long time still.

Coffee reaches its peak flavor at about the 4th day after roasting and remains there for about 2 months. Later, it slowly loses its taste properties. Kept in contact with air and sunlight, as well as ground coffee, loses its taste even faster. Read more about how to store coffee correctly here.

However, please keep in mind that the first few days after roasting the coffee may not taste good, because CO2 gas is being actively released in the bean. This is also visible visually - your coffee bag is blowing. You will never see this in old coffee!


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Coffee subscription

Read about the terms of the coffee subscription here

Solutions for business

We roast coffee beans for restaurants, cafes, offices, and are more than happy to communicate and look for mutually interesting and relevant solutions in the coffee roasting recipe, packaging, delivery, etc. We also organize coffee educations and tastings. Contact us

Paslaugų teikimo sąlygos

Abstract Sand

Su G'day paslaugų teikimo sąlygomis galite susipažinti čia

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