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G'day team

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Gabija is our head coffee roaster, also responsible for communication and social networks.

Favorite job - coffee roasting R&D!

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Audrius takes care of our entire back-office, and is responsible for logistics. He usually delivers coffee to you!

Favorite job - packing parcels :)


Our coffee journey began in Australia. Yes - it took us to travel to the other side of the world to discover something that already is a big part of our daily lives. The cup "down under" was exceptional and immediately hooked us. Can coffee be more than just coffee? We then found out. The answer is specialty coffee.


After coming back home, we went on to search for something at least remotely similar to that magical taste. Meanwhile, we bought a home espresso machine, visited VIlnius Coffee Festival, tasted all (ok ok, almost all) of the coffees offered in VIlnius. And... no, we haven't found THE ONE.


While our hopes shrunk, and we were getting used to other coffee flavours, another epiphany struck. This time, at the other side of the world - Canada. Why couldn't we roast coffee ourselves? In a corner of a small and cozy Vancouver cafe, a little cute coffee roasting machine looked at us, as if whispering "Your home is sad and empty without me". 


Not so long after that, our home started to become fuller. A procession of sticky notes cover our closet door with a clear purpose - launch of a coffee roastery. Tables and shelves got covered with coffee beans and packaging samples. We started looking for teachers and mentors, but most importantly - we started to gather friends and family into a small coffee community through informal tastings.


Our main goal and wish is to see this coffee community grow.


The rest of the story is up to you.


fairly grown quality coffee - attribute of everyone's good day 


inspire to choose specialty coffee every day



Kava gali pasiūlyti daugiau – tai nėra tiesiog gėrimas. Kavos pasaulyje nuolatinė potyrių kelionė – garantuota.


Mus veža išmindyti dar nevaikščiotus kelius.

„Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.“

ištrauka iš „The Road Not Taken“

Robertas Frostas

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