The word "specialty" brings meaning to history of your coffee.

In encompasses the whole process starting from a single farm and blooming in your cup.

Mindful cultivation.

Fair reward to farmers.

High quality product.

Tested to confirm the specialty status.

Prepared exclusively for your order. 

Išpildysime gurmaniškus poreikius ir supažindinsime su kavos pasaulio įvairove.

G’day kavos dirbtuvėse Vilniuje skrunda tik aukščiausios kokybės – rūšinė – kava.


The nutty, pleasant and soft Brazil Cerrado has arrived together with the colorful autumn. A cup of this coffee will warmly hug you and wake you up gently on these refreshing autumn mornings.

And that’s why throughout September,

a 15% discount on Brazilian Cerrado beans is waiting for you. Try it!

kava Brazilija Cerrado
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Coffee is a great expression of gratitude in any occasion. We often choose a bag of coffee as a thanks for small deeds or no-occasion gifts such as a plant or a book, or simply for being there for us... To make this symbolic gesture even more special, let us enhance that coffee bag or box with this dainty gratitude sticker.